Kelly Rizzo Takes on Los Angeles Atop Her New Harley

For Episode Two of ‘Unfiltered with Kelly Rizzo,’ the host of web series ‘Eat, Travel, Rock’ – traveling on two wheels – discovers her new home city’s hidden gems

For the second episode of Unfiltered with Kelly RizzoRolling Stonefollowed the intrepid star of web series Eat, Travel, Rockas she explored her new home city, Los Angeles, on two wheels (her new Harley-Davison Street 500).

“Being on the bike gives you a limitless view of the city,” Rizzo marvels. “I’m just excited to walk into my local neighborhood coffee shop holding a motorcycle helmet…it’s definitely going to give me a different kind of swagger.”

Powered by this new confidence, Rizzo plans on continuing her L.A. adventures.

“Whether it’s a restaurant or a music venue, I like finding places that are not so mainstream, and it’s going to be fun doing that on my Harley,” said Rizzo. “There is really no brand that is more rock & roll than Harley. It’s kind of a dream come true.”

Now that Rizzo is a true Harley rider, be sure to follow her as she continues her journey; visit stop dreaming and start riding at Harley-Davidson’s Riding Academy and track her discoveries @eattravelrockon Instagram. 

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