YETI – Watch Artist Jack Sanders Bring a New Kind of Community to Baseball in ‘The Long Time’

Sanders applies his passion to rebuild the Nerbern Tigers’ baseball field

Over the past 25 years, Texas designer Jack Sanders has worked to build a new kind of community by combining his passions for baseball and architecture.

What began as a college thesis to rebuild a local baseball field in Nerbern, Alabama turned into a long-term passion project and career for Sanders. Inspired by iconic stadiums that were “built for a community, in a community and shaped by – literally – the architecture of that community,” Sanders rebuilt the Nerbern Tigers’ baseball field by adopting the ethos of the culture and people there.

Later, Sanders was able to apply his experience in Alabama to his own community within the Texas Playboys Baseball Club.  Embodying the spirit of the town and the players and incorporating quirky inventions along the way, Sanders was able to maintain the spirit of the Nerbern Tigers by “growing it in a new format and for a new community.”

Through these experiences, Jack Sanders has brought a human element to architecture as a way to inspire and bring people together. Learn more about Sanders’ story in the full video above.

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