State Farm – Watch Lauren Alaina Empower Young Women to Give Back

Alaina discovers new strengths and rallies her fans

Even with her growing success as this year’s ACM New Female Vocalist of the Year, Lauren Alaina admits that her rise to fame as a teenager took an emotional toll that she’s still working through today, with the support of family, friends and fans.

Years ago, the criticism she received online contributed to low self-esteem and secret eating disorder. It was only through her mother’s intervention that she was able to start getting help and recover. Suspecting her fans might be going through similar struggles with self-esteem, she made the impulsive decision to open up about her eating disorder in a Facebook Live interview – a moment she refers to as an “accidental act of bravery.” Since then, she has flipped the script to use her online presence as a platform for empowerment.

Despite her busy schedule on tour, Alaina always tried to give back to others because she found it helped her discover new strengths. With the help of State Farm®, she is now able to share this discovery with her young fans and empower them to build confidence through volunteering opportunities in their communities. As Alaina states in the first episode of the four-part series, “Everyone likes to help. I think there’s just lack of knowledge of knowing how to. I think it’s really amazing that State Farm has Neighborhood of Good®…and I’m really excited to be able to help share that with people so that they can be a part of it.”

Check out Lauren Alaina’s story in the first episode of the series. Click here for more information on how you can get involved in your own neighborhood.

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