Web Star Kelly Rizzo Learns to Ride at the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy

For Episode One of ‘Unfiltered with Kelly Rizzo,’ the host of web series ‘Eat, Travel, Rock’ cruises the streets of L.A. and recalls her experience learning to ride

For the first episode of Unfiltered with Kelly RizzoRolling Stoneheaded to L.A. to meet the adventurous star of web series Eat, Travel, Rock.

We sat down with Kelly Rizzo right before her first full ride around the West Coast city she recently decided to call home as she explained what first inspired her to start riding motorcycles.

“I used to actually own a Harley,” said Rizzo. “It was something I was always passionate about because I was a part of the Harley culture, but I was a passenger, and I felt like I was not really part of the crew… because I didn’t actually know how to ride.”

After her experience at Harley-Davidson’s Riding Academy, Rizzo can officially call herself a rider.

“Just going through the Riding Academy, you feel so accomplished,” she said. “It was really a big confidence booster to start out by being the only girl and then finish alongside all these guys.”

Now that Rizzo’s passed Riding Academy with flying colors, be sure to follow her through Episode Two as she explores the City of Angels on a Harley. And if you’re interested in following in Kelly’s footsteps, visit to find out more about the Riding Academy and track her journey @eattravelrockon Instagram. 

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